Ultimate Rush Speed & Thrill Park

It's been around a few years and started with just the giant "Ultimate Rush" 180 foot tall swing. Just looking at it sends a chill up your spine. I didn't want to ride a swing from that height. Well, Curt, the park manager talked me into it. After thinking about it for a few minutes, it occurred to me that in all the years it's been looming in the Grand Sierra parking lot, no one has died from riding on it. No one's been injured. What makes me think I'll be the first? OK. Let's fly...and fly you will. With a little bit of adventure and maybe some prodding from Curt, this can be the rush of a lifetime. Age doesn't matter. People from the ages of 4 to 87 have done it and come away laughing...it's that safe. I'll do it again. Unfortunately, the slingshot ride wasn't open during my visit. That thing shoots you up on bungee cords.

I drove on two of the three go-kart tracks, the slick oval and the road course. The road course is more fun because of all the curves, but the oval is more challenging because it's slick. Enjoyed them both.

They also have more relaxing attractions at the park. Try the bumper cars (well maybe not all that relaxing) or the beautiful 18 hole miniature golf course. Unlike most miniature golf courses, these greens aren't smooth and level. Be ready for a challenge when you play this one.

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Park Location:

Next to the Grand Sierra on the corner of US 395 and Glendale Avenue, 1/4 miles south of I-80 From downtown Reno, go east on 2nd Street for about two miles and look for the big white towers. Please take time to visit their web site.