Nevada's first public indoor digital shooting range
and scenario-based training simulator

Independence Square
294 E. Moana Lane, #13
Reno, NV 89502

  • Firearms Simulator
  • Train for real life scenarios
  • Indoor digital shooting range
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Custom scenarios creation available for home or business
  • Real guns with recoil


  • Individual session
  • Open session
  • Family/group session
  • Matches
  • Leagues

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I was fortunate enough to meet the owners of MiScenarios, who invited me to try their facility. It was quite an experience that I will do again and again. Their instructors are patient, knowledgeable and show a keen interest in making you a better shooter. The first thing I learned was how to safely handle a weapon. Even though they are real guns modified to shoot only laser beams, they are always treated as a normal weapon.

The meat of the experience is - it was fun! I tried many scenarios, from target practice to shooting bad guys who were out to get me. A few of them did, but I got my revenge.

MiScenarios offers a unique opportunity to practice marksmanship and scenarios in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Using technology developed for police and military training, you will have the opportunity to perfect your skills with the use of real guns, lasers and OC Spray, which are modified to emit laser signals at the targets. Experience recoil and the feeling of real shooting. This technology is perfect for the first time gun user as well as the most experienced of shooters. It's safe, accurate and fun!

Learn self defense in real life situations
Improve your skills with a variety of ranges