A number of contributors to this site's message board and opinion poll have mentioned they don't feel very safe in downtown Reno, especially at night. This page was built with the help of Sergeant Jeff Partyka of the Reno PD's Downtown Enforcement Team to address your concerns. If you have a concern about your safety in downtown Reno, you can place a message on the Message Board and Sgt. Jeff Partyka of the Downtown Enforcement Team will help you with a reply.
The Downtown Enforcement Team, Horse Mounted Unit, Reserve Officer Program, Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program and River Patrol are all under the Reno Police Department's Downtown Division. This Division is under the command of Deputy Chief Ondra Berry with Lieutenant Mike Whan.

Mission Statement:
The Reno Police Downtown Enforcement Team are innovative problem solvers who are committed to working together with the downtown community to create an environment that suppresses and discourages criminal behavior.

The Reserve Police Officer is normally limited to uniformed foot patrols to promote positive interactions with citizens, business owners, and tourists. Foot patrol officers serve as a network to exchange information among property owners, regular officers, tourists, and other concerned individuals. Enforcement activities such as making arrests and issuing citations will be minimal to ensure foot officers remain visible and on the street. The Reno Police Department provides successful applicants with required uniforms, a firearm, and other equipment as determined by the department. Foot patrol officers work under the direct supervision of a police sergeant.

For more information on these programs, please visit the Reno Police Department's site

Please note: All the graphics on this page were stolen from the City of Reno's website (with permission, of course).