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Circus in December

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Joined: 02 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Jan Mon 02, 2006 4:16 am    Post subject: Circus in December Reply with quote

Here is my long over due trip report. Got too busy with Christmas and work, and wasn't able to get to this earlier.
Every year for our anniversary we have gone to Reno, we usually stay at Eldorado, but this year chose Circus as Eldo was full for the Saturday night. We live near Vancouver, Canada, so we drive to Seattle and fly Southwest to Reno, non stop. We were able to catch the shuttle this time, usually we miss it and just take a taxi.
We arrived at Circus around 3 in the afternoon, and were very disapointed to be greeted by a long, long line at check in. I was in line for 1/2 hour. Not a great start. I had emailed the hotel and requested a comped upgrade if possible. Didn't get one, they did put us in a king room. Usually we are given the spa suite at Eldo, but I quess we don't have enough play time on our cards at circus yet. We have always "played were we stayed" in the past. Anyway, the room was alright, a bit out dated, but seemed to be clean. Can't comment on housekeeping as we stayed out very late each night and chose to sleep in and lounge around in the room until afternoon, so we just asked for fresh towels, and requested no cleaning.
Where we ate: we ate at Brew's Brothers, always good food. That chinese food place by Eldo, can't remember the name, it was OK. Silver Legacy champainge breakfast on the Sunday, very good. For our anniversary dinner we chose the Steak house at Circus. We were very impressed. Service was excellent, wine was great, food taste and presentation was fabulous. We also had the Circus buffet for breakfast the last morning as we had free coupons. In all, we have nothing negative to say about anywhere we ate.
Shows we saw. This trip we only saw one. We usually try to see 1 show every night we are there, but because of the time of year, there isn't much going on. We saw the Kung Fu legend at Eldo. Not quite our thing, but entertaining none the less. Could have lived without it.
Drink service: We played exclusively at Circus. I would have to say there was only about 10% of the time that I had to wait for a drink, otherwise the service was excellent. They were bringing us drinks before we even asked, and the waitress remembered us from the previous day and brought me the same drink before I had even sat down.
Gambling: well, this time we did a little better. We have been to Reno about 10 times in the last 5 years. And each time we come home with empty pockets. But we have always had so much fun that we just accept that we will come home empty handed. This time we played mostly Pai Gow poker. What a neat game. Between my husband and myself we were dealt a few nice bonus hands. We always played $5 on the bonus so it did pay off nicely. And everytime I would have to go to the washroom I would pick a dollar machine on my way back and try my luck with $20. On the last night I hit a pot of $160 dollars. My husband hit the jackpot on a nickle machine accross from the Brews Brothers, but it only payed $125. Still nice for only putting in $20. We played roulette a bit, our number to play was 22 for the number of years being married. I walked up to roulette one evening, put $5 on 22 and it hit. Had a good run on blackjack for about 20 minutes and left the table up $150. But the best was 5 minutes before we had to cash out and leave for our plane.
I was playing Pai Gow, and trying desperately to hit a bonus. I had about $130 in front of me, so I was prepared to walkaway with $100 and wanted to bet the whole $30 on my last hand. I had put $25 to play and only$5 on the bonus, when the gentlemen beside me said I should put $15 on each instead. So I did and I was dealt a fullhouse. How nice. But the sad thing is, the gentle who told me to put more on my bonus, DID NOT play his bonus, and he got 4 of a kind. I think that is 300 to one? can't quite remember what the payout would have been, but it would have been big, if only the roll of the dice had gone different, I might have gotten his cards. Anyway, we didn't leave ahead of the game, but we did bring some of our own money back this time. My new favourite game is now Pai Gow.
We did walk through Eldo and noticed 6:5 blackjack. I did not see any at Circus, just good old fashion 3:2 there.
Believe it or not, we did not even go outside once. We looked out the doors at Eldo, thought about walking down to CalNeva, but it looked cold out, so we didn't. kind of sad, no fresh air for 3 days straight.
Check out was quick and the shuttle and flight home went smooth.
In all, we have always enjoyed our trips to Reno, my husbands doesn't like crowds or buffet lines, so Reno is better for us than Vegas. And the clientelle seems to be more mature. Vegas is full of young kids just trying to get drunk as fast as they can. We enjoy the slower pace of Reno. I just wish they could step it up abit on the entainment side of things.
Anyway, hope this report wasn't too long and boring.
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Joined: 19 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Jan Mon 02, 2006 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great report, thanks for posting!

My husband also enjoys Reno or Lauglin, instead of Vegas (and he's only 36!). He doesn't like crowds either.

We'll be up there this weekend, staying at the Pepp. Can't wait!

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Joined: 20 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Jan Thu 05, 2006 3:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice report - like to hear of some one winning for once! Nice to hear about the Circus as I have never liked it much but am considering it because of the price.

Brews Bros does have good food.

Good food tips!
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