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Jerry's TR - Repost from May, 05 (was archive # 27)

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PostPosted: Jan Sun 01, 2006 9:56 am    Post subject: Jerry's TR - Repost from May, 05 (was archive # 27) Reply with quote

Left my wife waiting for a plane at the airport and headed for Reno. Quick trip, good time, 5 hours from Medford, OR airport.
Happy to get an earlier than planned checkin at the Fitz.
OOPS, not to happen.

Arrived at 10 minutes before the hour. No line. One couple at checkin desk and one clerk. Many people walking back and forth behind counter but none offered to help. Soon there were about 6 people in line behind me. Finally the one clerk finished up and called me up. She really struggled to communicate in English. After at least 10 more minutes, she said, "Sir, someone else will have to take care of you. She sent me to an occupied desk where the girl had been sitting doing nothing all this time.
Guess what? Her pidgin English was just as bad.

I am a well organized individual. If people will listen to me, I will help them to figure things out. I had all the details, confirm info, etc. She just kept figuring and came up with about six different rates -ALL WRONG.

Her desk was cluttered with a lot of stuff. She picked up a key envelope and asked me, "Sir, is this yours?". I replied that I had no idea and that the first girl had not been able to check me in.

Now, I have been here at least 30 minutes. Other people come by, she calls people on the phone. I try to get the other people to help us.

Finally, she calls and gets yet-another-third person involved. How complicated is it to add zero plus zero plus $44?
She instead once came up with 28 plus zero plus 28. I informed that this was the wrong rate. She replied, "It works out the same". Excuse me: 28 times 2 is not 44. (Maybe it is in the Phillipines.)

After the 4th person arrived, we finally got me checked in--all the paperwork was wrong. The fourth person scribbled a bunch of stuff on an erroneous slip, handed it to me, and said that was my documentation.

It is now 15 before the hour. I politely asked, "Am I free to go?"

I went to the bar wearing my drink badge and asked what was the best gin in the house. Only Beefeaters which is half the price of what I drink at other casinos. I ordered a martini. TINY and lousy. I chugged it and went back to the curb an hour after arriving to get my luggage and give my car keys to valet.

Not a good start.

Arrived in my room. It was hot. Turned AC all the way down and it stayed hot. Opened the windows all the way: ONE INCH......
The train noise was bad. With the windows closed, the sound is deadened a lot.

I called Maintenance. Girl came up, spoke real English, great. Fiddled with the controls, listened to it, felt it:
(John, Stan, others, are you with me on this? )
Result: I was getting hotter by the minute.

So, I got outta there and went to casino. Came back hours later. Room still hot even though turned all the way down and blower on high. Called maintenance, they offered to come right up: like 1 or 2 am. I said that in am would be fine. Went to bed with my windows cracked.

Drinks are poor here. They don't stock much that is good. I hardly bothered with my drink badge. The VP machines that I like were stone cold. The Progressive was very high - in the taxable range. I didn't tarry there. I did do ok on the Star Wars penny machine and had fun. At least my money gave me some play which was unique on this trip, just about everywhere I went.

In a week here, I did not even "score a ball cap" at the Fitz. Just a couple key chains.

Next day, they got the AC fixed tho. I spent Friday away, came back after a number of drinks elsewhere and decided on a B&B for a nightcap. I started playing Star Wars and my $10 lasted thru six B&Bs. I went to bed tired but comfortable.

Overall, I was not impressed with this trip to the Fitz. My first bartender could not even mix me a half and half from the two Irish beers on tap.

Highlight of first day was sneaking next door and indulging myself with the $3.50 Awful Awful Burger with one pound of fries. As always, the locals were in there ordering the .99 pancakes and egg. While they wait for it, they eat out of all the old baskets sitting around that people have left after finishing what they want of their meals. It doesn't matter who left the basket or how much trash, dirty napkins, etc, is piled into it. They simply dig around and find whatever is left that they consider edible.
I know a lot of people who would not eat in here nor would they consume anything they ordered from this dump. But the burger is a good deal.
Most people order it to-go and pay .50 extra.

Gotta hit the sack and get ready for my softball weekend. Maybe more on Fitz later if anything hits me. Meanwhile, I am looking forward (at this point in the trip) to my stay at the Siena.

Made plans to visit with JD on Thursday at the Sands. Can't wait to sample a barrel of that awesome ESB Red Hook on tap.
I love the dark woods.
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