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Hot in Sacto but irreverent in Reno

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PostPosted: Jan Sun 01, 2006 9:43 am    Post subject: Hot in Sacto but irreverent in Reno Reply with quote

Well, sorry for the delay; I went on vacation immediately after this trip and was gone for nearly three weeks. Didn't go to Reno, though I now wish I had - Lou Rawls was scheduled at the nugget on the 15th!
Anyway, driving was very pleasant as it usually is for this time of year. There are definitely daytime construction concerns on route 80 past Auburn, as has been mentioned on this board recently, though at this point, most of the one-lane limitations were primarily in the other direction.
Silver Legacy again, which I still prefer for some reason. I guess it's the location, which couldn't be more central.
Ate at Brews Brothers Monday night - isn't it funny how the service you get in restaurants is sometimes just as much of a crapshoot as the slot machines right nearby? The first night, the crew seemed to have new members, or maybe they were training or something - food took about 25 minutes to arrive. On my previous trip, I sat at the bar, and the food was produced near-instantly. Ah, well, the luck of the draw, that's why we love Reno, right?
Recent promo at the El Dorado gives free spins every two hours or so; on this trip, I won another pen - whoopee!
Over at Fitzgerald's, my free dollar only lasted a moment, so it was time for Cal-Neva and whatever blackjack action I'd be getting.
Here's where the real show was: a team of security guards had just finished "Escorting" a lady off the premises - this was at the main entrance, corner of Virginia and 3rd or 4th, or whatever that street is. From the lady's appearance and actions, I'm guessing her intoxication level was what got her the boot - as the "escorting" had just taken place, she launched into one of those tirades that can only be produced by an angry drunk; seemed to consist of statements impugning the integrity of Cal-Neva's operations, and asserting her sense of self-worth, indicating that Cal-Neva would in fact be beneath a fine person such as herself.
While I was passing this little display to gain entrance to the casino, one of the guards who had been interacting with the lady ran back towards a group of his colleagues standing near the doors to announce that the lady had just spit on him. This declaration was made with the solemnity of a proclamation of definitive proof that the lady was every bit as intoxicated and unruly as had been suspected.
While the car-crash side of me kind of wanted to just stand around and observe the proceedings, my better instincts took over, and I went inside.
Ah, Cal-Neva blackjack - the last great hope for downtown Reno blackjack, although I guess it's double-deck=double on anything, and single-deck=double on 10 or 11 - but still, for three bucks a hand, it's within my range of acceptable odds.
Won a few hands, lost a few, got ahead a little bit - is this sounding familiar? - stopped, walked around a for a little while, then resumed play, and lost it all. Very small bankroll, as always, but still a drag, since it's such a common experience. Oh, well! Got my action. Back to the hotel for the delights of cable television. The $1.17 24-oz Coors cans in the shops along Virginia Street seem to have disappeared entirely, and they're back up to one-sixty-something, or thereabouts - while the downtown as a whole continues to writhe and thrash in the midst of a feverish pre-death-throes fit, this little price hike indicated to me that some pockets of the economy are gaining strength, and perhaps even bouncing back. If these Comstock-Sundowner-Golden Phoenix condominiums actually come to fruitition, it's very possible that the downtown as a whole will see some new life - it will be interesting to see.
Workday the next morning - ugh - back to the action in the afternoon. Silver Legacy coffee shop uncrowded, so I ate there - service there has never been a problem, I have to say, though I probably just jinxed myself.
Made the rounds again after dinner, but no real gains or cool wins; that will just have to wait for the next trip. Pleasant driving back, although quite hot in the Sacramento area.

Watch this space for another exciting and irreverent trip report next month!!!
(Okay, that was sarcastic - I'm just so tired of hearing the word "Irreverent" slapped onto any entertainer or t.v. show that makes even the most tepid anti-religious or sex joke.)
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