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downtown jan 4-7

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Joined: 19 Jan 2017
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PostPosted: Jan Tue 15, 2019 4:16 pm    Post subject: downtown jan 4-7 Reply with quote

Wanting to get in a football weekend, and not being able to make it in the fall,
this was my weekend to get in the wildcard NFL games and leave some bets for the NCAA football championship.
I arrived Friday night at 9:30 via Delta Airlines. this flight worked great, because I was able to work until 4:30 and head to the airport without taking time off of work. I may have waited 5 minutes for the Row shuttle, which worked out great.
I believe Seahawks stated that all Row properties now use the same shuttles, so stops and pickups are at all three properties.
I had 2 comped nights at Row properties; Circus Circus let me use the comped nights any night, while El Dorado and Silver Legacy were only Sunday-Thursday. So I stayed at Circus Circus.
I had their base king non-smoking room in the Casino tower. This room was recently remodeled, with nice new carpet, linens, paint, fixtures and TV. Very nice and spacious. Also, was very quiet and peaceful. With the comped room, I had to pay tax and resort fees. Which still came to $29 night. Resort Fees came to $25/ night. Which seems high.
I arrived and wanted Hidden Pizza. Pepperoni Slice, $7 was very good and just right for an evening snack before gambling. I was all checked in and ready to go out by 10 pm.
First note, to confirm Seahawks post last fall, no live gambling at Circus Circus. Kind of disappointing. I have spent many nights there at a blackjack table, and am sad to see them go. In place are electronic craps, black jack and roulette. Welcome to the future.
I strolled over to Silver Legacy after my pizza, most tables were full or were 6:5 blackjack. More disappointment. So I walked down to Cal Neva. Found a friendly table of blackjack for 2 hours. The table was splitting up, and I don't like playing heads up so so I decided to walk to Sands.
Found another fun friendly table, and fun interactions with dealers and pit bosses. We just had fun, and eventually lost. but I always feel a little better if the dealers and staff are fun and friendly. 7:30 am i managed to walk home to circus circus, had many miller lights and a fun night.
I woke up at 10 am, and wanted to make the 11 am poker tournament cal neva since I knew I missed the 10 am tournament at silver legacy. But I needed some food, bad. debating between breakfast and a burger, I decided on a 10:30 am awful awful since it was on my way to cal neva. Was excellent, and filling. Made the tournament, but was bounced after an hour. Walked over the sports book, and placed some bets for the football games and had a few beers.
I decided to go to the room for a quick nap before the nfl games kicked off. Got up, in time for games and my first bet came in. Second bet, I did something stupid. I bet the Seahawks moneyline. I did think they would win, but the spread was seahawks +3. for a small line like that I should have taken the spread instead of an outright win. If I had, I would have won that bet too. But I didn't.
Time for dinner. Circus Circus offered me a $10 food credit for no room turn down the first night. With that I went to El Dorado buffet. It is a very good and fresh buffet. But $37 for the buffet seems kind of high. but regarding food, I had no complaints. Prime Rib carving stations was excellent, and i love the salad bars at the buffets.
full of sustenance and confidence, I found a favorable 3:2 black jack at Silver legacy. I sat down and played for 4 hours, and was able to double my $100 buy in. At this point I felt like a walk, and went back to Sands. Got to the table and found the same characters from the night before and had a fun session, and managed to lose the $100 I had made at Silver Legacy plus another $100. 3 hours of sleep doesn't hold me over like it used to, so I headed to bed at midnight.
Sunday, I knew exactly where my breakfast was going to be. I had $12 in food comps at Cal Neva, and I am a huge fan of their breakfasts. I had trouble deciding on denver omelette or steak and eggs. I settled on steak and eggs for $4.99. I have had this meal many times, and it never disappoints. The steak is a sirloin cut, probably 5-6 oz. But with hashbrowns, toast and eggs it is the perfect size meal for me at this age. It was great. add in coffee and milk, my meal came to $10.50. Leave a couple bucks tip, use up a full meal comp. Bright day ahead!
Back to Cal Neva sports book, couple more bets in play. But I decided to take the over in the eagles/bears game and it came in way under. another loss.
I went to Circus Circus sportsbook. Great intimate place to watch sports. I really like it there. Lunch was Canter's Deli. Downtowner corned beef sandwich and potato salad with pickle was excellent. I have liked Canters deli, but haven''t found the sandwich that blew me away and watered my mouth just thinkin of it. Well, I found it: and its name is Downtowner!!
Some more gambling at Silver Legacy, and back to Sands. Had a great blackjack session at Sands. Played some craps at sands and gave most of my profit back. such is gambling.
Monday was some walking around down town. Lunch at Mel's diner to use my meal comps. hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, dressing. Not really a diner type dinner, but it was very good.
I walked down to Harrahs. I wanted to get a couple bets for the clemson/alabama game. I took clemson +5.5, and felt really good about that bet. I boarded my flight right before halftime, and it looked good. I had a 1-1/2 hour flight where I couldn't find anything out. Walking off of the plane, I got the 4th quarter score and knew I had won.
Silver Legacy had their buffet closed, but everything was open with the table and chairs still there. Since El dorado acquired Silver Legacy and Circus Circus, everything they have done has had a plan. so, the unoccupied buffet area just seems odd. Hopefully some details get released for that area. That is a prime location on that property. They also had the fountains in front of Roxys marked off. Looks like they are getting removed, and I honestly won't miss them. Always seem like more of a barrier than productive. Other than the higher resort fees, and more 6:5 blackjack tables, I have had no complaints with my time at the Row properties.
Cal Neva, still the same. Despite the low rent look and sometimes sketchy clientele, I like it there and am a fan of the Top Deck.
Sands had some flooring work being done, and a large chunck of the casinor was walled off in plastic like some remodel was in progress. I do like the vibe there and the people. I hope some new decorating and updates to their rooms come through. Also, their usual Buffet location was walled off with a notice they are updating the buffet for spring of 2019. So that has to be a positive, and its nice to see some investment on the property. I ate at their buffet in July, and the food was good. Just not a lot of variety or space up there.
I was in Harrahs for an hour or so. The people seem friendlier there, and a better vibe. All blackjack tables are 3:2, so I wished I had spent more time gambling there.
It was a good trip. Other than the el dorado buffet, I used meal comps all weekend. I have noticed my Row offers have really dried up the last couple months. I live out of state and make 2-3 trips a year. I think my gambling has been consistent. So, I guess we will see what happens going forward. I honestly spend a lot of time and sands, so at worst hopefully I can get some room offers there. I am planning a march madness trip in 10 weeks, so hopefully some offers come through. If not, maybe it will be a chance to branch out at Peppermill, Atlantis, Grand Sierra or Nugget.
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Joined: 15 Nov 2015
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PostPosted: Jan Tue 15, 2019 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Did you get a separate CC offer? All of my offer for ROW properties are combined and they all say Sunday-Thursday. Being able to book CC Fri-Sat would be great.
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Joined: 19 Jan 2017
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PostPosted: Jan Wed 16, 2019 7:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

IOWActuary wrote:
Did you get a separate CC offer? All of my offer for ROW properties are combined and they all say Sunday-Thursday. Being able to book CC Fri-Sat would be great.

My offers from One Club always say El Dorado & Silver Legacy Sunday - Thursday and Circus Circus any night.

Right now my offer box is empty , so I can't tell you a current offer. Crying or Very sad
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Joined: 14 Sep 2015
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PostPosted: Jan Thu 17, 2019 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds like you had a great trip! Yeah, that was a real shocker to see all the live games gone from Circus Circus. Sorry my beloved Seahawks lost your bet Sad I too thought they would win. I too will be curious to see what Silver Legacy does with that buffet area.

Nice to hear the Sands is doing some remodeling. I will have to check that out on a future visit.

Enjoy your March Madness trip to Reno! Maybe you can bet on my Washington Huskies! Razz Very Happy
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