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Terrific NYTimes Article on Reno's (Mostly Wanted) Resurgenc

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PostPosted: Mar Tue 20, 2018 1:15 pm    Post subject: Terrific NYTimes Article on Reno's (Mostly Wanted) Resurgenc Reply with quote

"A growing homelessness crisis. Complaints about traffic congestion. Worries that the economy is becoming dominated by a wealthy elite.

Those sound like California’s problems in a nutshell. But now they are also among California’s leading exports.

Just ask the citizens of this city, where growing numbers of Californians and companies like Tesla have migrated to take advantage of cheap land and comparatively low home prices. A four-hour drive from Silicon Valley, across a mountain range and a state line, Reno is finding that imported growth is accompanied by imported problems."

California Housing Problems Are Spilling Across Its Borders
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PostPosted: Mar Sat 24, 2018 2:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

These new problems in Reno are not the result of Californians moving to Nevada. They are the result of employers building huge factories which attract tons of workers to the region. The Tesla workers are from all over the world, and the Panasonic workers seem to be largely from Japan. I'm sure there are plenty of Californian transplants working some of these highly skilled jobs too, but it's not reasonable to blame Reno's new problems on the Californian transplants.

As frustrating as it is to see traffic getting congested and rents going up, a booming economy is actually a good problem to have. It's possible to take steps to preserve affordability and quality of life for long time residents, but it's unlikely Reno will meaningfully limit housing density or pass rent control. I expect moneyed interests will rule. In a few short years, Reno will likely be overrun by traffic, rents will no longer be affordable for people without relatively high incomes, hotel room rates will approach those of Las Vegas and there will be a similar exodus from Reno by people experiencing the same squeeze that drives Californians to move to Reno. Wherever the Reno transplants end up will likely benefit from their arrival, but locals will blame them for the problems created by the economic boom.

If Reno were to take steps necessary to preserve the quality of life its people are accustomed to (mainly to limit growth and stop speculators from artificially driving up housing values), it would be a truly great place to live, work and visit for decades to come. Otherwise, a glance south to Las Vegas, and even to downtown Reno (where there are many houseless people, even in freezing weather), might reveal a glimpse of what urban adventures lie ahead for Reno as its population and cost of living get out of hand.

So thems are the breaks. Employers set up shop. Traffic worsens as more people arrive in the area and commute to their new jobs. The rent goes up and some longtime residents get priced out. It's happening all over the west coast, because business is booming. I'm not gonna defend unrestricted growth (obviously quite the opposite), but I don't think Californian transplants are to blame for Reno's new problems.

Communities that are able to plan and limit growth will be the best places to live. Communities that allow developers to do whatever they want without extensive coordination and planning will find they have quality of life problems in the coming decades. I hope Reno is able to meet the challenges it faces now and in the near future.
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