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The Quest for Bronze: Further Adventures in Reno

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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 33

PostPosted: Aug Tue 25, 2009 6:43 pm    Post subject: The Quest for Bronze: Further Adventures in Reno Reply with quote


I've been planning out this trip since long before my first trip to Reno. I watched prices jump up and down for packages to both Las Vegas and Reno. Initially it looked like there was no way that I would be going to Reno again, because LV was so much cheaper and featured nonstop flights from Detroit. Then several things happened:

1) I went to Reno and enjoyed myself,
2) The cost of flights to LV started spiking up,
3) Ditto the cost of packages (mostly due to the cost of flights; room rates stayed steady or declined),
4) The nonstops started to fill, so I would either have to make a stop or pay more than wanted,
5) I checked the packages on Delta Vacations (nee Northwest Vacations) and Reno didn't come out too badly, and
6) Expedia took their sweet time releasing some coupons I earned last month.

OK, what did this all mean? I priced out a package for 5 nights in Reno. The Peppermill popped up as least expensive at about $620 for their standard rooms (I'm assuming Peppermill Tower, non-renovated - a tentative step up from the Montego Bay room I had last month). I had a $100 coupon as a thank you for my trip to the Rio, so the package would cost $520. Delta all the way, with decent flight times (though the layovers would last longer than I would like). The best I could do for Las Vegas was about $250 - considerably less, but I felt it could wait. I'll be back there for sure in October, and I can do my coupon running then.

I was sitting with an offer for a free weeknight and $25 in free slot play. I didn't need the room, but free play is always valuable. I planned to use it on my favorite high limit machine.


I left Lansing about 1:40 and made it to my parking space at 2:55 - earlier than expected, despite some traffic. I remembered the shuttle guy from my last trip, but he didn't remember me. That's OK. The shuttle was qucik, screening was quick, and there wasn't even much of a walk to the gate. I was there by 3:30 for my 5 PM flight.

Both flights were mostly eventless. The SLC flight was completely full, but the RNO flight was only about 70% occupied. Both landed about 10 minutes early. I caught the 9:45 shuttle. I was the only one to board. The driver was unusually chatty ("Where are you from?" "Have you stayed here before?"), but I wasn't in the mood and kept my answers short. He eventually got the message.

I arrived at the hotel about 10 and went to check in. I was offered a free upgrade to the Tuscany tower. She explained that it was a handicapped room, so there wasn't a tub. As though I cared. I happily took it, if only to see how the elite live. What I quickly found is that the room was even more of a hike than my Montego Bay room was. Up the escalator, past a lot of shops, to the elevators, then down a long hallway to the very end.

The room itself was very nice - spacious, with three(!) phones, two flat screen TVs, two windows, two sinks, and in interesting view to the west of Reno and the mountains beyond. The light switches were confusing to a simple person like me. Some of them took a single press, some two, and some a press and hold. I eventually got used to it. There were a couple of nice bonuses with the room - it was right next to the ice maker and near another, less busy elevator.

After a brief unpacking session, I went into the casino and swiped my card. A choice between something I'd never use or drawing tickets that won't help me - ugh. I checked the sports book - the futures odds on the World Series weren't appealing. The Tigers remained at 12-1, so there was no incentive to double up. I picked up my Adventures in Tuscany coupon book. This book had a lot of nice coupons:

* Separate coupons for $10 off a $20 purchase at the Coffee Shop, Saucy's, Biscotti's, and Oceano
* $10 off two buffets purchased at the same time
* $10 off a $20 purchase at Chi
* Separate coupons for $25 off a $50 purchase at Romanza and Bimini
* $15 off a $40 purchase of room service
* 2-for-1 admission to Edge or the Aqua Lounge
* Separate coupons for 50% off the lower priced item in the gift shop and La Boutique
* 30% off $100+ purchase at Spa Toscana
* Matchplay good for $10 or $25 at blackjack
* Separate 2-to-1 payout for suited diamond and spade blackjacks to $100
* $10 matchplay for a sports parlay
* $5 off a $10 keno wager
* $10 to $50 matchplay at Arcade Xtreme
* $5 free play for my e-mail address

I'll tell you about the ones I used when I get to them.

The STP machines were all busy, so I went to play Spin Poker. After a $70 loss, STP freed up in time for me to lose another $60. On to my favorite high limit machine, where I lost another $60. Yowsa - a $190 loss in less than 1/2 hour. What a start. I re-tried STP - lost the first $40, put a hundred in and switched to 5 hands. Things got better, then I was dealt trips with a 3x multiplier. One hand improved to a full house, which led me to being up $34.25. I'd had enough punishment for one evening, so I went to bed.


I checked the kiosk - oh boy, 2-for-1 tickets to see Bret Michaels. I wouldn't go for free if he was singing next door, so I took some more drawing tickets. I got my freeplay from the information booth. I went to my favorite high limit machine to play NSUD. Five hands, five whiffs. It's no longer my favorite.

On to the blackjack table. I bought in for $100, lost the $25 match (ouch), then bought in for $100 more. I finally caught a nice run, including a spade blackjack. It paid $10 total, but would have won even against a dealer blackjack. I walked away up $23. I won $28.75 more at STP - getting dealt 3 of a kind on five hands helps.

Off to Atlantis. I lost about $10 at Good Times Pay, another $73 at STP, and $18 at 100 hand JoB. I did win $2 from the silent STP machine. I did better at single deck blackjack, winning $35 there. They had the same rules at their tables as the Peppermill - h17, d10 on single deck. The tables here were very dead - only two blackjack tables open, and no one playing craps.

Because I can never be punished enough, I played Jaws again. No one else was playing them, so I guess the word was out. I did better this time, but still no bonuses and cashed out $9 down. I lost a bit at Cops & Donuts to round things out.

Back to the Peppermill to make some sports. There were three baseball games of interest, and to make a long story short, I lost them all and the $35 I bet on them. I used the $5 matchplay on keno. I don't like to play much keno; too slow and bad odds. But at a 50% discount I could make it work. I used a multi-race ticket at their special payout rate. I picked one number and if it came up, I would win $4 on each $1.25 ticket - slightly more than the normal $3.75. The expected value was $8, but I actually got lucky and cashed $16 total, so that was nice.

Not so nice was what I was doing while my keno games were running - losing $114.50 at blackjack. Sometimes you just can't believe how bad things are and figure that they will get better soon. Sometimes they don't. A $21 gain at STP made me feel a little better.

I headed to Saucy's for some BBQ goodness. I had a full slab of ribs this time. With coupon, the damage was about $16. Good stuff, and I took what I couldn't eat back too the room.

On the gambling front, things were dire, since I was down well over $400. Fortunately the ATM at the nearby 7-11 is free for me.

After a quick pit stop, I won tip money at video poker, then $96 at blackjack, and another buck at various slots and video poker. I concluded by winning another $30 at blackjack.

More rest, then another long walk to the casino. There was finally activity at the craps table. I stuck around long enough to win $25. I also won $12 at slots and STP. I went to a single deck table and slowly built to +$65. I lost $10 back at STP, $10 more to Kenny and $10 at a craps table colder than a Michigan winter. I finally found a free double deck table and caught a mega-run, probably 10 wins in a row. Very few blackjacks (like all day), but some decent hands and a string of dealer busts, and I was sitting with a $150 gain. I bolted when they changed the cards. This eroded most of my total losses, and I hoped I could make it into positive territory.


Up at 6:30, out at 7:30. Another leisurely day on vacation in Reno. I stopped by STP and won $30.25 highlighted by a dealt straight with a 4x multiplier. Good morning!

Off to Atlantis, where I contributed a couple of bucks to the always growing Megabucks jackpot. Then I moved on to my real play - going between all 3 STP machines, one of their 100 hand machines, and Spin Poker. I lost $5 or so. Highlights:

* I was dealt 2 pair on STP, and two hands exploded to full houses. No multiplier, alas.
* Dealt 3 of a kind on 100x - got 4 full houses and 3 quads. Below expectation, but I can't complain.
* Got a 5x multiplier on STP and hit high pair, high pair, straight.

Then I went back to Jaws. Still no one on it. I finally got a bonus game - find the infamous great white on a 5 x 5 grid in X attempts and get Y credits, where X=1 to 15 and Y=500 to 7500. I chose 10 attempts for 700 credits. I didn't find the SOB. I cashed out $7.20 down there, then lost another $6 on another 100 hand machine. I caught three aces. This time I received 6 full houses and 3 quads - still below expectation and not enough to save me. I won $3 at various slots, then moved on to the blackjack table. I bought in for $60, lost most of it, bought in for $100 more, then started to win. I cashed out $9.50 when my run was over because had smokers to my left and right. Yick. Mad

I grabbed a Slurpee at 7-11 ($2), then went back to Peppermill's sports book. Two bets - one on the Mets' Santana at home vs. the Braves. The tomahawk guys pulled off the scalping. I also bet on the Colts vs. the Eagles in Indianapolis. I have no idea why they were a 3 point dog, so I took them and the points. I'll get to the results a little later.

After a short pit stop and rest, I went back into the casino. I won $11.50 killing time at blackjack. Then to my no-longer-favorite high limit video poker machine. It chewed up my $25. I'm still looking for a new love. I visited Kenny and he decided to hold on to $10 of my money. Then I tried 3 hand quarter NSUD (STP was busy) and burned up $70 there. Back to the blackjack table. I was slowly ground down and raised the white flag with a $92.50 loss.

After some rest, I noticed the craps table had some activity. It quickly cleared out after I joined them. Was it my breath? Nah, just a cold table. Soon I was there alone and decided to get some target practice. I wasn't a lot better than the guys who left, but rolled a fair number of come out 7s, then caught a medium good roll that no one saw, noticed, or cared about by me. I cashed out $40 ahead. One last shot at blackjack. Up and down against the regular dealer, but got really hot against Deanna, the sub. I was one off third base - the players to my right were some kind of couple that occasinally kissed when the dealer busted (which she did a lot). Speaking of bust, Deanna from Iowa had a pretty face and nice rack (the one without the chips). I caught a couple of really nice runs and cashed out $170 ahead - my biggest blackjack score in quite awhile, maybe ever. The bean counters at Peppermill Central were not amused.

I went to Arby's to celebrate. $7.50 for a combo meal was all I needed at this point. I went upstairs to watch the Eagles-Colts game. The Colts won easily, so that's $42 I needed to pick up when the book reopened tomorrow.

After the game and a short rest, I went down to the crap tables. The shooters were only kinda hot, which spelled disaster for my betting system. I ended up down $71, but my money lasted for 2 1/2 hours. I was starting to get tired, so I called it a night.

NEXT: The second half of my adventure!
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Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Aug Wed 26, 2009 7:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Enjoying it so far..... The Tuscany Tower is nice, but a hike!! My friend wants to stay in it in October when we go down and i really dont want to. Its her b-day though, so she wins. Smile
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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 33

PostPosted: Aug Wed 26, 2009 4:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

FRIDAY, 8/21

I got up early again to assault the STP machines, which figured to be empty. And they were. But first, a swipe at the kiosk... Bret Michaels tickets? Again?? Phooey.

After playing for a little while, I left about even. Highlights:

* Got a pair of 4s, one improved to two pair, and one became quads!
* Going to five hands, with a 8x multiplier and starting with a low pair, got one two pair and one 3 of a kind. Nice payout there.

I lost a few bucks to Kenny, but more than made up for it at the craps table - up $12. There weren't many people around, so I had to shoot. I did OK, not too much damage to the bottom line.

I should note here that I'm not a big fan of shooting the dice. It's tricky to make a roll that the casino will be happy with. And if the guy beside you is betting, like, two grand on the inside numbers (as happened to me on Saturday), you try not to think about the seven.

After getting rid of my early gambling demons, I stopped by the information booth for a breakfast buffet comp. I figured those 410 or so points of activity had to be good for SOMETHING. I got that, but I got something else too... a new card... colored BRONZE. Yeah!

I stopped by the sports book to check out the odds for the day's games. Some games were of interest, but they weren't open, so I would get to them later. I then went back to the room to clean up and look presentable for my visit to the buffet and beyond.

I had a sampling of breakfasty foods and some fried chicken, which isn't really a breakfast food. It was all OK, about as good as the buffets I've had at the Fremont or Gold Coast. For free it's a great value. For $12, well, the Gold Coast is half that - but it's also about 450 miles to the southwest.

I stopped by the sports book to make my bets, then strolled to the Atlantis. I won tip money at their Good Times Pay machine, but lost $27 at STP despite a dealt 3 of a kind with a 5x multiplier. I lost another $22 at the 100 hand game.

On to the blackjack table - double deck for $5 minimums this time. There seemed to be a lot more table game action at 10:30 than at my previous stops between 9 and 9:30. A person or two shuttled in and out to keep me company, but mostly it was me vs. the dealer heads up. Not my favorite way to play, but the other tables were either full or empty. My chips slowly melted away despite getting a lot of blackjacks. I busted an awful lot of 12s. Atlantis used an auto shuffler that may not have done the best job of randomly shuffling. I lost my first buy-in ($100) and used another C-note when the run came. I was betting $25 when the dealer showed an ace. Insurance? I said yes (don't ask why). She had it, so we pushed. The next hand, same thing. Insurance, yes, blackjack, yes, push again. A few hands later, she dealt herself another ace. Not this time, I said, and she didn't have it. A few more hands later, I was still betting $25 and got an 11 against the dealer 6. Doubling time! The dealer hit to 18 using five cards, all small. I was hoping for a big card for me, but got half of it - a five. That was when I quit, up $36.50.

Back at the Peppermill I played some single deck blackjack and left up $25. I used my diamond bonus coupon here with a $15 bet. I also won $25 at STP in part by turning 666 into quads. I seemed to get a lot of 66s and 666s this trip. Was someone trying to tell me something?

At this point, I didn't feel like gambling more, so I spent about 2 hours in the sports book. There was an interesting crowd there - mostly older, mostly male, some who thought they knew their sports and some who just liked to babble. It was somewhat refreshing to watch the horse races with no money on the line.

After that I went back to the room to watch sports. My games weren't telecast on cable, but I followed them with the usual sources. I won two of three bets - Yankees over the Red Sox and the Mariners over the Indians. That was good for $85 after betting $58 total. This put me within $50 of being even for the trip. I slept contentedly.


A bit after midnight I went down for a meal in the coffee shop. But first a brief stop at the craps table - up $45, not bad. At the coffee shop, Ihad a burger and fries, drink, and peach cobbler. The burger and fries were good, but initially I was sent cherry instead of peach. They got it right the second time. With coupon, the total damage was about $17.

After a few more hours of rest, I watched some DVDs (90210 season 3), then headed out to the Atlantis. I quickly lost $89.75 at two of their STP machines. I couldn't get anything started. I didn't like what I saw on the Atlantis tables, so I went back to the Peppermill to play single deck. The good news is I played a long time. The bad news is I lost $188.50 doing so. I took a break by playing craps - won $7 there. Then some more blackjack - this time a double deck table. Not much good happened here either.

One hand I should highlight - I got a hard 13 against the dealer's 8. Same ol' same ol' I'd been getting all day. Hit me - got an ace. 14. Hit it again. Another ace. Hit me baby one more time. Yes, another ace. 16, the bane of blackjack players everywhere. I hit it again and I got another ace. 17 isn't great against an 8, but better than busting, so I stood. One of the other players suggested I should get a bonus for that. I was just happy to win the hand, which I did when the dealer busted. Not enough ot that on this day. I stayed too long and lost another $188.50.

I lost $9 at craps but gained $3 at STP. I shut it down after that.

SUNDAY, 8/23

I had a 6:30 AM flight home, so I had to get up really early, even for me, in order to pack and prepare to get out. Which I did, in more or less of a daze. I checked the casino one last time - $5 discount for Biscotti's or more drawing tickets. At least it wasn't not more Bret Michaels tickets. I ended up with 490 points.

Checkout was routine. I used a kiosk. The only charge on my bill was the South Virginia Improvement Tax - annoying, but I was prepared for it.

Time to catch the 5 AM shuttle to the airport (they start at 4 AM each day). This was very popular, as 14 others joined me on the shuttle bus. I thought it would come close to filling it, but it was still only half full. I guess those buses were roomier than I thought. I made it to the gate in plenty of time, and the flight to SLC was eventless. The flight attendants were a fine, competent lot, but none of them were the mega hottie I spotted last time. Darn.

In Salt Lake, they had some problems with one of the doors which caused us to be delayed an hour. Free headphones was our only compensation. This actually had some value for me, as the 'buds on my MP3 player had come up lame. Finally we took off. The in flight movie was "The Soloist" - not of interest. We made up a little time and landed at DTW only about 50 minutes late. I took the shuttle to my car and sweated a little over whether they'd cause me grief over the fact that I exceeded my estimated time by a bit. Nope - they took my voucher with a smile and I was free to go. There were a few showers on 275, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I made it home by 7, ending another adventure.

Overall I lost about $465, which isn't good, but that's the chance you take when you head to the casino.


* Blackjack has been bad, bad, bad to me all year - not just here. I need to stop doing so much of it and put a stricter limit on my losses.
* I also need to stop staying at casino destinations longer than 4 days. Too much temptation.
* STP is a great, fun way to earn points, but oh the swings! If I keep playing, I know one of these days I'll hit the royal. The only question is whether it'll be soon enough to bail me out.
* Craps is clearly the best, least risky way to earn points at the Peppermill. I should've played more of it, and will when I get there next.
* The route from my room to the casino:
a) Stumble to the elevator
b) Get off on the 2nd floor (no 1st floor in the Tuscany Tower)
c) Turn right and walk a few steps to the Spa
d) Wind around a curved hallway past Bimini, past the fitness room, past one of the pools, past the other elevator bank, past the Pisa wedding chapel, to the bank of escalators.
e) Go down the escalator. This will take you by the front desk. Peppermill fans should be able to get to the casino from there, but I'll run though a couple more steps for those who aren't.
f) Keep going past the gift shop, bell desk, and Hertz desk.
g) Congratulations! You made it to the casino! I hope you prepared yourself for the neon!
* My Tuscany Tower room was nice, but overkill. I'm a simple guy; I don't have need for much luxury. But the price was right...
* I usually don't eat much on vacation and this was no exception. I'm consistently tightening an extra notch on my belt, which means I lost a few pounds. Weep not for them; I'm sure they'll be back in a few weeks.
* There was no shortage of eye candy in the skies, at the tables, or working for the Peppermill. No comment on the slots or the sports/race book.
* The movie on the way in was "My Life In Ruins". I wasn't in the mood for such corniness.
* After a better look, Atlantis seems to be Peppermill's little brother. Higher ceilings, not quite as many mirrors or as much neon. The table games are about the same, but busier at the Peppermill. As I mentioned in my other report, the video poker is very, very good. I had 92 points when I last checked. We'll see if that's enough to get me noticed.
* The next level at the Peppermill is "Gold", which is 2000 points. There's no chance I'll get there unless I start betting more green chips than I really ought.
* Bronze has some nice privileges that I didn't get a chance to try out - like 20% off at the restaurants and gift shop. One privilege that I WILL NOT use is the free cigarettes.
* If the Peppermill liked me last time, they should have loved me this time around. I'll have to see what they try to do to tempt me.
* My next trip to Reno? Good question. Not October; the tickets are already booked for Las Vegas. My next window is in February, and the weather isn't very good in Reno then (I don't ski). After that, the next window is in May. Reno is a possibility, but so are half a dozen other places I'd like to go.
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PostPosted: Aug Thu 27, 2009 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice TR. Thanks for sharing.

If you don't like to shoot the dice at craps it is permissible to decline, unless you are the only one at the table. As a general rule I find craps players to be the most superstitious gamblers in the casino.

Heads up vs. the dealer is the card counter's dream. There are no other players to dilute the count between the time they place their bet and when they get their cards. OTOH basic strategy and hunch players want a full table so they play fewer hands per hour, thereby slowing the drain on their bankroll.
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Joined: 17 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Aug Thu 27, 2009 7:09 pm    Post subject: attn Ali and friend Reply with quote

alison wrote:
Enjoying it so far..... The Tuscany Tower is nice, but a hike!! My friend wants to stay in it in October when we go down and i really dont want to. Its her b-day though, so she wins. Smile

Hey, Ali. How about if I get a nice cozy well-located room in the tower very close to the casino. You can use that room and I'll join your friend in Tuscany. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Aug Fri 28, 2009 4:40 am    Post subject: Now for the bad news Reply with quote

Hey Hawk, that should work well since her friend is a guy.
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Joined: 17 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Aug Fri 28, 2009 3:46 pm    Post subject: Not a good thing Reply with quote

I thought her friend was the ultra-lovely D---....
I may have to attract -- errh, I mean: RETRACT my ofur.

OTOH, perhaps we could send the "friend" to the tower and I could show Ali why people love the Tuscany Towers.

Oops, I have once again crossed the line and can quickly expect a private email from Jerry. Sorry, big guy, I will endeavor to "rain in my inhibitions".

(I need some John time to get my act together.)
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Joined: 19 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Aug Fri 28, 2009 4:25 pm    Post subject: Singing in the Reign Reply with quote

Can't resist this one:

You "reign in" your exhibitions - now, you might "rain on" someone else's parade, but if you reign in your "Inhibitions", that makes you an "exhibitionist" - and from there, it's only a small step away from becoming a "tortfeasor" - so reign in those instincts, quick!
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PostPosted: Aug Sun 30, 2009 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You guys better watch out. Jerry is gonna come and beat you with his baseball bat. He doesn't like to share.... Smile

With the Treasures Of Tuscany Coupon book, cant you earn free play if you use the coupons? I thought i had read that somewhere?????
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PostPosted: Aug Sun 30, 2009 10:40 pm    Post subject: He doesn't like to share.... Reply with quote

The car is packed. I am headed for Reno right away with my biggest and oldest bat (don't like to get blood on the new ones). Hope to catch John and Hawk at the Toosddaa Happee Our and beat in their brains... Err, I mean their "Heads" cause they don't got no brains if they think I will tolerate this kinda stuff.
I am also watching out for Stan. though I never have any idea what he is saying, it still offends me (I think) so he is added to the list.

I hate to leave my computer at home cause this picture on my desktop is simply "Lovely". Eat your hearts out boys.
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PostPosted: Aug Mon 31, 2009 6:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.

alison wrote:
With the Treasures Of Tuscany Coupon book, cant you earn free play if you use the coupons? I thought i had read that somewhere?????

That was then, but that wasn't the offer I got. Mine was a more traditional casino funbook with coupons as described.
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PostPosted: Sep Tue 01, 2009 1:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

alphabeta wrote:
Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.

alison wrote:
With the Treasures Of Tuscany Coupon book, cant you earn free play if you use the coupons? I thought i had read that somewhere?????

That was then, but that wasn't the offer I got. Mine was a more traditional casino funbook with coupons as described.

Great! thanks for letting me know. look forward to using it this next trip.
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