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Mining the Comstock

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Joined: 28 Feb 2006
Posts: 866

PostPosted: Nov Mon 16, 2015 9:46 am    Post subject: Mining the Comstock Reply with quote

3-4 generations ago, people flocked to the Comstock Lode seeking their fortune in the Carson City area. Some found a vein of silver ore, others found nothing. Today I am a modern day prospector seeking my fortune in the casinos in the Carson City area. I traveled on the Kit Carson Highway over Carson pass (elevation of 8,500 ft) and into Carson City itself.....that is a lot of Carson's. There had been a recent snow storm, but the roads were in pretty good shape. There was a large icy patch at the avalanche area near Kirkwood ski area, but everyone slowed way down and safely passed this danger area.

I drove the 3.5 hour drive without a stop and arrived at the Carson Nugget shortly after noon. It took a moment to get back my land legs, but I was in good shape. The Carson Nugget has been in downtown Carson City for years. I remember my mom and dad stopping when driving through town and usually getting a meal or a cup of coffee. The Carson Nugget is located only one block away from the state capital building of Nevada.

I like the Nugget as they have still been sending me monthly offers of a small amount of free pay and dining credits, but also they still have some old coin dropping quarter 8/5 BP with a RF progressive. That was my first stop in the casino, but I never had a chance to get my hands dirty with the coins, as I never won anything. I just kept feeding $20 bills into the machines. I then decided to get something to eat. I had a BLT which was free......but considering the lost $20 bills a few moments earlier, it was an expensive meal.

I decided to go across the street to Cactus Jacks. This is a tiny place- about the size of my living room and family room at home. They have a small grill and some bartops. I used to play some full pay pick'em there but I checked several machines and they were gone. I left without playing.

I then walked next door to another tiny casino that has many old game makers with full pay pick'em. I walked to the door of the Horseshoe that I have entered may times before and found the door locked with a "for lease" sign on the door. I looked through the window and everything was gone. Bummer.... they are history.

So- being depressed at the Horseshoe, I walked back to the Nugget and played several different games and machines and finally had a good run and profit at some quarter deuces and joker video poker machine.

I then got back in my truck and headed out of the downtown area.
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Joined: 28 Feb 2006
Posts: 866

PostPosted: Nov Mon 16, 2015 9:49 am    Post subject: part 2 Reply with quote

After leaving downtown, I drove back south to the Casino Fandango. This is a very nice casino with a tropical theme and they also send me monthly free play and dining credits. They have some very good video poker offerings. They have some bar tops with nickel full pay games. They offer FPDW, 10/7 DB ,10/6 DDB and a royal flush progressive for even more return. I played about two hours on these games and basically broke even. However, I seemed to be out of sync. I played the deuces and DDB games switching back and forth. I played the deuces and switched to DDB. On the second hand I hit 4 deuces on the DDB. Then after switching back to deuces I hit four aces with a deuce. Such is gambling.

It was dinner time, and I decided to get a burger. I have not had one of these in months and it tasted very good to me, but was way too big and I was unable to eat the whole thing. The meal was covered, in fact all my meals were covered on this trip.

I then decided to play the loose deuces game that is offered at the 20 cent level, but not in a higher denomination. This game was not loose for me, even though they offer the over 100% version and I lost in several sessions. I tried a few more games, but did not do so well overall this day.

Such was my Carson City day for me and I left to travel the about 20 miles south to Minden Nevada where I had a two night stay reserved. I was down close to $300 on this day, and I was not feeling too good about this trip so far.
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Joined: 28 Feb 2006
Posts: 866

PostPosted: Nov Mon 16, 2015 9:51 am    Post subject: part 3 -end Reply with quote

It was getting late when I arrived at the CVI in Minden. I checked into my room and was pleasantly surprised as they had upgraded me to one of their newly remodeled suites. It was a large room with a bar area, 4 person dining table, nice easy chairs, a Jacuzzi tub and a steam shower. I made a quick check downstairs to check out the video poker offerings. I played a little- all nickel games such as pick'em, deuces wild pick'em, bonus poker deluxe (multi hand) and some ultimate X. I did not use my slot card as that would mess up my daily average wager. I won about $20 before I retired for the night. I also used the Jacuzzi tub- very relaxing.

I woke up very early and was unable to go back to sleep, so I got up and hit the casino about 5:30 AM. I played for about three hours and then went over to the coffee area and picked up a bran muffin. They make their own and they are very good. I took it up to my room, picked up the morning newspaper laid in front of my door and made a half pot of coffee. Reading the newspaper, coffee and the muffin were very nice in my fancy room. Later in the morning I went back to the casino and activated my $100 in free play. I played on this free play for almost 5 hours of play before it ran out. For lunch I went over to Katie's coffee shop and had a half sandwich of tuna and a cup of navy bean soup ($4.95). It was a very light lunch and satisfying.

The rest of the day just included a lot of video poker play, a little table games and a much needed nap. The weather was very nice. It got cold at night (19 degrees) and the afternoon was very pleasant in the sun. I had $50 in dining credit to use for dinner. I ordered a glass of Ferrari-Carani Sonoma Valley Cab which was recommenced to me by a fellow video poker player and it was very good. Friday is game night at the Steak House and the special for the day was venison. I had that on my last visit, so I ordered the seafood chippino.It was an OK dish, but the heavy tomato base sauce kind of overpowered the delicate taste of the seafood. I won't order this again. I enjoy the game night and have had in past trips, wild boar, quail, buffalo and antelope. After finishing my dinner I ordered a glass of Coppola Black Label cab which I took with me to sip while I played in the casino.

11th hour hit-
I was done playing for the day, but I noticed my comp account was getting high, so I decided to turn some of into cash. I downloaded only $50 and played 50 cent 9/6 JOB. I turned the free play into $40 and played two more hands when I was dealt a flush which also included 4 to the royal. I dropped the odd card and up came the needed 10 of diamonds's to complete the $2,000 royal!! What a way to finish my trip. I call it my 11th hour hit, as the time date on my phone of the picture shows 11:01 PM. Good thing I did not go to bed early.

That royal made it a great trip and I came home with about $1700. The drive home was very pretty with all the snow and the roads were ice free.

I put through $13,500 coin in for my play day.
I hit 19 four of a kinds, one straight flush and of course one royal.

My offer from CVI was: two free nights, $100 in free play, $50 in dining credits and $50 in free gas at their Shell gas station.
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Joined: 22 Jan 2006
Posts: 181

PostPosted: Nov Mon 16, 2015 5:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds like a great time, thanks for sharing. What an odd little corner of the world Carson City is.
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Joined: 05 Mar 2013
Posts: 60

PostPosted: Nov Mon 16, 2015 8:13 pm    Post subject: great trip report Reply with quote

I remember Carson City Cactus Jacks when I was a child we had 5 cent hamburgers there. They were the size of a silver dollar.
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Joined: 19 Dec 2005
Posts: 1129

PostPosted: Nov Tue 17, 2015 12:45 pm    Post subject: The Parson of Carson... Reply with quote

Excellent write-up - thanks!
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BC Dave
Site Admin

Joined: 18 Dec 2005
Posts: 1429

PostPosted: Nov Tue 17, 2015 7:11 pm    Post subject: Carson city and other pretty good places. Reply with quote

I'm also very fond of the Carson City Nugget. Something about the place reminds me of 1980's Reno casinos. Love their coffee shop. Sorry to hear about the Horseshoe. Congratulations on the 11th hour progressive Royal Flush! It's takes a few seconds to fully grasp what has just happened when the right card actually gets drawn. That's probably the biggest win that's been reported on this message board from the Carson Valley Inn.
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Joined: 12 Oct 2012
Posts: 483

PostPosted: Nov Tue 17, 2015 7:41 pm    Post subject: CVI Reply with quote

We used to visit cvi quite often before it changed hands. I usely
had pretty good luck there, One night in midweek I stayed up late
playing slots, and was doing extremely well. I got up from a slot
and went to the bar for a beer and the bartender ask how I was
doing I told him I couldn't lose that night and while he was getting
the beer I hit 4As with a kicker on a quarter VP for 400$, I just
smiled and pointed to the machine when he brought the beer.
Unreal night.
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