Founded in 1968 by Ted & Deena Puffer, the company is Nevada's oldest professional performing arts company. Ted & Deena are known around the world for their translations of opera librettos (the story) - many of their translations are still in use today.

Underworld influence? Against all odds, opera thrives in Reno. From the beginning, the company was able to produce operas one would only expect from much larger cities, including American and world premiers.

The secret? Casinos all had "house bands" so musicians and dancers in Reno didn't need "day jobs". In fact, Nevada still has one of the highest per capita rates of musicians and dancers in the country.

There is also a close-knit family feeling at the Nevada Opera. Talented artists, musicians and production crew members work for Nevada Opera for less than they charge other companies - just because they want to be part of the family.

Nevada Opera Mission:
Educate, Enlighten, Enrich and Entertain the people of Nevada and the neighboring Sierra Nevada region by producing live opera performances of the hightst quality and by reaching out to students, artisit and targeted audiences with educational and developmental opportunities.

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