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    In the darkened room, the stage lights start to come up along with the billowing fog rolling onto the stage.  The audience feels the chills rushing up their spines when the thunder and lightning erupts into The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks.  Out of the fog steps the Midnight Cowboy with his wireless mike and wireless guitar allowing him to effectively use the entire stage without restriction.  The excitement lets up only when the Cowboy decides to tone things down, which ain't too often. The Cowboy grins, because he knows he has them in his clutches:   they will be back for more.

   Terry Metcalf is the Midnight Cowboy, a one-man spectacular. So wild, in fact, that this one-man show requires a three-member team. While the Cowboy sings and plays guitar, his crew is busy handling the lighting, smoke effects and sound mixing. If you couldn't see him, you'd think there was a full band on stage.

    The shows are structured to meet all conditions, from small clubs to full-blown, outdoor concerts complete with fireworks, when permitted. His mobile stage assembles quickly and easily in any outdoor environment, eliminating costly rentals and set-up fees. High tech sound, lighting and pyrotechnics (not to mention the Cowboy's wild on-stage antics) are geared to get the crowd fired up and joining in the fun.

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